UCBAA Structure

The UCBAA is led by 4 Officers, and 8 Governors. Each of these members has an area of responsibility that they must fulfill. Each person brings something different to the table whether it is technological knowledge, fundraising experience, musical direction, or creative ways to improve the quality of the UC Bands Alumni experience.

UCBAA Constitution and By-Laws

(Last amended: Fall 2010)
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University of Cincinnati Bands Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws



This organization shall be known as the University of Cincinnati Bands Alumni Association (UCBAA), in affiliation with the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association.


The mission of the UCBAA shall be to promote a fraternal spirit among the Band Alumni. It will also strive to foster closer bonds of fellowship between the Alumni and the University’s Student Bands. The UCBAA will also strive to give practical and financial assistance to the Student Bands organization.


Members of the University of Cincinnati Bands Alumni Association (UCBAA) shall include all former students and staff of the undergraduate Bearcat Bands programs who have served at least one year. In addition, the Board of Governors may grant Associate Membership to friends of the Bearcat Bands that otherwise would not be eligible. Active members shall be defined as all those dues paying members of the UCBAA.


Executive Council: The Executive Council of the UCBAA shall consist of four elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. It shall also include the Executive Director of the UC Alumni Association, or their designate, as ex-officio members of the Executive Council. Board of Governors: The Board of Governors of the UCBAA shall consist of eight members, all of whom shall have equal voting rights and privileges as members of the Board. The Director of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands shall be an ex-officio member of this board. Governor Emeritus: The Board of Governors of the UCBAA shall confer the "Governor Emeritus" designation to individuals who have exhibited an exemplary standard of character and demonstrated a continued dedication to the University of Cincinnati Band Alumni Association. These individuals will have the same privileges of Board members except the right to vote in meetings of the Governing body. This designation is the highest honor that can be given by the UCBAA and once awarded, cannot be rescinded.


The Executive Council: The Executive Council shall meet monthly or as needed to conduct Association business. The Board of Governors: The Board of Governors shall meet monthly or when needed by order of the Executive Council. The Active Members of the UCBAA: The Association shall meet at least annually to hear special reports from the Board of Governors and for election and installation of officers to the Executive Council and the Governing Board.


A quorum for the transaction of business shall be as follows:
  • Meeting of the Association – There shall be at least thirty-five (35) active members present.
  • Meeting of the Governing Body – 50% plus one of the voting members must be present for a meeting of the Executive Council and/or the Board of Governors.


The rules and procedures in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern the proceedings of the Association in all matters not otherwise covered by the constitution and by-laws of the UCBAA.


    • Amendments to the constitution of the UCBAA shall be submitted to a meeting of the Board of Governors in writing. The proposed amendment must then be passed by a two-thirds (2/3)-majority vote of the Governing Body. If the vote fails at the Board meeting, the amendment dies for a period of 12 months. If the vote passes at the Board meeting, it shall be voted on at the next regularly called meeting of the Association. The amendment then must pass by a two-thirds (2/3)-majority vote. If the vote fails at the Association meeting, the amendment dies for a period of 12 months. If the vote of the Association passes the amendment, it shall immediately become part of the UCBAA constitution for the coming year.
    • Amendments to the UCBAA By-Laws can be passed and put into effect by a 2/3-majority vote of the Governing Body. If the 2/3 majority is not recorded, the Amendment dies for a period of 12 months.



We (The UCBAA) will promote a continued fraternal spirit through social gatherings, UC Homecoming events, and promotion of gig bands and community band activities. We will promote practical assistance through additional support staff for Bearcat Band performances, and an additional liaison and lobbying partner for Bearcat Band issues with the University administration. We will promote recruitment through UC Alumni Band performances and networking with local high schools and the community at large. We will promote financial assistance through our support and promotion of the UC Bearcat Bands Endowment Fund and other appropriate requests as defined by decision of the UCBAA.


  • Reading of Minutes
  • Communications (from UC Bearcat Bands, letters from Alumni, information from UC Alumni Association, etc.)
  • Reports of Executive Council Officers
  • Reports of Board Committees
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Final Announcements
  • Adjournment


Section I - President:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, Executive Council and Board of Governors. He/she shall appoint all committee chairs from the Board of Governors, with the advice and consent of the Board of Governors. He/she will be an ex-officio member of the Board committees except for the Nominating Committee, which is presided over by the Vice President. He/she will appoint members to the Executive Council and the Board of Governors when unexpired or vacant terms are to be filled. If the office of President shall fall vacant, the current Vice President will fill the office. The President shall countersign all checks. The President shall be responsible for all communication between the Association and the Director of the UC Bearcat Bands. The President (with help from the Vice President) will provide announcements to the UC Bearcat Bands regarding the UCBAA. The President, in coordination with the Vice President and along with the Chair of the Performances Committee, will confer on the appointment of the Director for the UC Alumni Bands Performance Groups for a term not to exceed one (1) year. This appointment shall be based on the requirements as listed in Addendum #1 of these by-laws. The President shall attend meetings of the UC Alumni Association and other organizations (i.e. UCATS) as necessary to cover matters directly relating to the UCBAA and the UC Bearcat Bands. If he/she is unable to attend said meetings; the President must designate another member from the Executive Council or Board of Governors. Any member of the Executive Council or Board of Governors shall be eligible to run for the office of President.

Section II - Vice President:

The Vice President shall assist the President, preside in his/her absence, and serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Vice President shall provide announcements to the UC Bearcat Bands, as stated in Section I of Article II.

Section III - Secretary:

The Secretary shall keep a roster of all committees and their chairpersons. He/she shall record the minutes of the Executive Council meetings, the Board of Governors meetings, and meetings of the Association. He/she shall then provide a report of said meetings. The Secretary shall notify the Executive Council and/or the Board of Governors of impending meetings.

Section IV - Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall pay the bills of the UCBAA as directed by the Board of Governors. He/she shall keep records of all financial transactions of the UCBAA. These transactions shall be provided in a report to all called meetings of the Executive Council and/or the Board of Governors. He/she will also make a report available to the Association membership on an annual basis. The Treasurer, in coordination with the Board of Governors, will make an annual arrangement for the auditing of the UCBAA Financial Records.


Section I – Meetings:

The duty of the Board of Governors is to be present at all called meetings of the Board. A member of the Board who is to be absent must give notice at least one week prior to the called meeting to the President or Vice President of the UCBAA.

Section II – Committees:

Each Board member shall be appointed chair of one of the UCBAA’s suggested eight (8) standing committees. It is then the duties of that member to organize and enlist members to that committee from the Association, when needed. The following are the 8 suggested committees.
  • Recruitment
  • Archives
  • Performance Groups
  • Public Relations
  • Fund Raising
  • Leaky Bugle (Special requirements listed in Addendum #2 of the By-Laws)
  • Music
  • Equipment

Section III – Other Duties and Functions:

Further duties and functions of the Board of Governors shall be decided on an annual basis as coordinated between the Executive Council and the Board.


Section I – Nominations:

A Nominating Committee of three (3) shall be appointed by the Board of Governors not less than two (2) months preceding the Annually called meeting of the Association. They shall present one or more candidates for each office and/or position to be filled on both the Executive Council and the Board of Governors. If a full slate of officers cannot be elected at the Annually called Association Meeting, then the incoming President shall appoint members to fill the vacant positions. The Vice President is Chairperson for this committee.

Section II – Elections:

The Executive Council and Board of Governors shall be elected (by a simple majority) for the term of two (2) years. This election shall take place by secret ballot or by the show of hands, by the active members of the Association. This election is to take place at the Annually called meeting of the UCBAA. Terms of Office: a. The Executive Council shall be elected for two (2) year terms. b. The Board of Governors shall be elected on a rotating basis – (4 on – 4 off) for two (2) year terms.


Section I – The Annually Called Meeting of the UCBAA:

The Annually Called Meeting of the UCBAA shall be for the purpose of distributing the Secretary and Treasurer’s Annual Reports and for the election and installation of officers.

Section II – Special Meetings:

Special Meetings of the Association may be called by the President or by a simple majority of the Board of Governors. Notification of a Special Meeting of the Association must go out (with statement of purpose) no later than one (1) month prior to the set date of the meeting.


Section I – Business, Social, Service and Endowment:

The UCBAA shall have the power to create and maintain funds for the purpose of business, social and service programs. The Association will also create and maintain funds that will go to help the UC Bearcat Bands Endowment Fund.

Section II – The UCBAA Fiscal Year:

The UCBAA fiscal year shall be based on the calendar year (January 1 – December 31). All budgets are to be presented to the Treasurer for reading and discussion at the final scheduled meeting of the year. All budgets will be voted on for approval by the January meeting of the new fiscal year. This will coincide with the Treasurer’s year-end fiscal report.




Section I  Principle Requirements:

The Director of Alumni Bands shall have a degree in music or music education. The candidate shall have previous successful experience as a Band Director and/or Instrumental Music Instructor. The candidate shall be a member in good standing of the UCBAA. Any compensation for this position will be based on individual candidates and be set by the UCBAA.

Section II – Principle Duties:

  • Direct the Alumni Band at public performances.
  • Select and prepare music for public performances.
  • Plan the Alumni portion of the U.C. Homecoming show.
  • Work closely with the Alumni Music Librarian and Equipment Manager.
  • Work closely with the UCBAA Board of Governors in planning all musical activities.
  • Perform other duties deemed appropriate and necessary as conferred with by the UCBAA Board of Governors.


Section I – Duties of the Editor and Publisher:

  • Collect all articles for the newsletter and produce the master copy.
  • Deliver the copy to a printer (1500 – 2000 copies), (Print Craft Colerain Avenue).
  • Pick up completed copies and deliver to the UC Alumni Center for labeling and mailing.
  • Check to see that address labels are available at the labeling session.
  • Deliver labeled newsletters to the UC Alumni Center personnel for mailing.

Section II – Important dates and times for mailing:

  • Articles are due three (3) weeks prior to mailing date.
  • Master must be to the printer four (4) working days prior to pick up for mailing.
  • Suggested target dates for the labeling and mailing of the newsletter are the third Sundays of the following months:
    • December
    • February
    • April
    • June
    • August
    • October – this mailing may be a ½ page or postcard for Homecoming information only.
  • All information on the UC Homecoming should be published as soon as the University releases the information.