UC Band Alumni Association Your donation to the UC Band Alumni Association helps with everything from events and scholarships to the day-to-day administrative duties of the UCBAA Board. Donations assist with our annual reunion and Homecoming events, support our annual UC  Community Band and support our commitment to providing scholarships for outstanding Bearcat Band members. The following are suggested membership levels, but the UCBAA is eager to accept your contribution at any level!
  • $100
  • 10 Directors = The service of our fabulous UCCB conductors for the summer 
  • Do you miss the thrill of performing? UCBAA members have a reserved seat to perform in the UC Community Band each summer. Directors guarantee a first-class conductor to lead a ‘damn good’ group!
  • $75
  • 6 Drum Majors = 15 fellow Alumni provided with the Leaky Bugle
  • Drum Majors help ensure our beautiful new magazine-style Leaky Bugles reach the masses, providing printed copies full of upbeat notes exclusively for UCBAA members.
  • $50
  • 7 Section Leaders = Music updates for the whole year!
  • Ever wonder where all of that music comes from each Homecoming? With your contribution at the Section Leader level, the UCBAA can purchase sheet music, assemble flip folders and provide needed sheet music updates.
  • $25
  • 5 Squad Leaders = Alumni Band instrument maintenance
  • Did you notice your instrument shined a bit brighter this past Homecoming? That’s because instruments were taken apart, scrubbed, snaked, shined and painted for optimum performance. Squad Leaders ensure proper care of marching instruments for alumni each year.

Won't you consider making a Director level $100 donation today?

Bearcat Bands The Bearcat Bands have set up several scholarship funds and endowments to provide financial assistance to members of the band in recognition of their time and commitment given to the organization. These endowments also help to ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization. If you are interested in learning more or would like to make a contribution to the UC Bearcat Bands, please visit their primary giving website. Thank you for your support of the UC undergraduate and alumni bands!   UC Alumni Association The UC Alumni Association (UCAA) helps ensure that UC has a vibrant alumni-relations environment, essential for the University's overall success. If you are interested in learning more or would like to make a contribution to the UCAA, please visit their support page.