Down the Drive Campaign

Help sustain the BASS of the Bearcat Bands!

Whether charging down the stadium steps, marching Down the Drive to Nippert, representing your alma mater at a bowl game, or cheering on your Bearcats in the annual Homecoming parade, we hope that your participation in the Bearcat Bands Sousaphone section was one of your best decisions as a student at the University of Cincinnati. We are asking you to make a smart decision again today: support the future of the Bearcat Alumni Band by making a contribution to the Down the Drive Campaign - for Sousaphones. With more alumni choosing to participate in the Alumni Marching Band the need for instruments has grown, especially the instruments traditionally provided by the band. Last year many generous alumni chipped in and bought a full set of percussion for the Alumni Band and the new equipment resulted in excitement that over doubled percussion participation at Homecoming. This year we are focusing on our fantastic sousaphone section. The Alumni Band needs to raise about $9,000 to repair and recondition the sousaphones we have, and hopefully acquire a few more. Being a member of the tuba section was a special honor and a special experience in the UC Marching Band. Marching with a sousaphone took some real extra effort. We are asking that you make some extra effort by supporting this special fund drive to help revive the Bearcat Alumni Band tuba section. Here is where you can help. It costs about $1,000 to completely recondition a used sousaphone. It costs about $3,000 to buy a used sousaphone. We need your help to raise at least $9,000 to recondition the sousaphones we currently own. If we are able to raise over the needed amount, we will buy additional sousas so that every alumni sousaphone player can participate in Alumni events. We are requesting your support of and commitment to the future musical stability of the UC Bearcat Alumni Band by by making a donation today to the Down the Drive Campaign — for Sousaphones. We need to raise the needed funds by August 31 so that we can have the sousaphones repaired and reconditioned in time for Homecoming this fall. Already, the call for donations has been answered by a small group of Alumni Band sousaphone players and supporters to the tune (pun intended) of over $1,000. We need your help to put us over the top. After the initial goal is met, additional donations will go directly toward purchasing additional sousaphones. And don’t forget to join us October 22 for Homecoming this fall! We guarantee you will be energized by the incredible music that your donations have made possible. Thank you for your vital support of the UC Bearcat Bands program. Dr. David Jones, '77               Scott Behler, '03               Ryan Slabaugh, '08 Down the Drive - Sousaphones Campaign Co-chairs