About Community Band and Becoming a Member

The University of Cincinnati Community Band is one of the bands that make up the UC Bearcat Bands program. The main purpose of a community band is to give community members the opportunity to stay involved in the musical arena as well as provide entertainment to the community of which it is a part. The UC Community Band operates in this capacity from May through August each year.  The band typically holds 4 to 5 concerts through the season and rehearsals on Wednesday evenings. The UC Community Band is primarily carried out by the officers of the University of Cincinnati Band Alumni Association. Who Can Participate The UC Community Band is open to anyone with former experience playing a musical instrument and is a Junior in high school or older. The UC Community Band Meeting Schedule Rehearsals begin the first Wednesday of May and continue on Wednesday evenings through our last concert at the end of the summer, in July. Rehearsals are from 7pm to 9pm. A more detailed schedule is available on our alumni band calendar. Membership Fee In order offer a high-quality Community Band experience with the high-level of leadership and operations that our audiences and members have come to expect, we require a small fee of $15.00 from each member annually.  We also have a one-time UCCB t-shirt fee of $15.00. Contact Us Interested in joining? Have a question for us? Email us at uccommunityband@gmail.com.