Community Band

There is no better way to stay musically involved than to join a community band such as the one offered through the UCBAA and the UC Bearcat Bands. Please take a look at the pages of this section of the website for all of the information on how to participate. And you don't need to be an alumnus of UC to participate! If you are looking for a way to keep playing, the UCCB is for you!

Community Band Announcements

About the UC Community Band and Becoming a Member

Learn about The UC Community Band, how to become a member and the Community Band's purpose within the UC Bearcat Bands organization.

Community Band Schedule

View important dates and times of rehearsal and performance.

Member Registration for the UC Community Band Listserv

Calling all members! Want to get up-to-date news and events info about the UC Community Band? Drop a line to and we will be sure to add you.

Contact Us

Interested in joining? Have a question for us? Email us at