While we all love to re-unite at our annual Homecoming performance, we hope you are aware of ALL the benefits a UCBAA Membership can provide. By joining the UCBAA, you are joining a privileged group of individuals who choose to carry on the traditions of the Bearcat Band through:
  • Basketball Game Reunions & Performances
  • Homecoming Reunion
  • Homecoming Parade & Performance
  • Quarterly Socials
  • Community Band Performances
  • Support to the Undergraduate Band
  • Donations to the UCBAA Scholarship Fund
All members of the UCBAA will receive our publication, the Leaky Bugle. Over the past few years, the design and format of the Bugle has shifted to a high-quality, magazine-style publication filled with articles and information to keep you connected to your Alma Mater. And don't forget that we have added timely electronic updates to members through our supplement online publication, the eBugle. The goal of the UCBAA is to provide an exciting year-round experience for fellow UC Bearcat Band members. We hope you become a member today and join us at a future event to share fond memories and celebrate our Bearcat (and Bearcat Band) pride! Become A Member

Online membership webpage is now up! You can register online with your credit card today! If you prefer,  you may print out our dues form and mail it to the specified address. And always feel free to reach out with any additional questions or suggestions for membership events or initiatives! Our door is always open. Molly Tomi Membership Chair UCBAA Board of Directors

UCBAA Annual Membership Dues:  The UCBAA is currently offering two levels of membership: Individual and Couple. Couples are offered a $10 discount on their second membership! Important Note Regarding Dues: In order to cover increased costs of operation, including being able to offer our signature events as well as the same level of communication and connection that you have come to expect from the UCBAA, please note that there has been an increase for dues this year. This represents the first dues increase in seven years. If you have any questions about this increase, please contact President James Bedingfield at
Become A Member

UCBAA Donations:  We ask for your help to ensure that your UCBAA is able to offer the same high level of events and communication that members and alums have come to expect. All donations go to the Alumni Band general operating fund. Donors will receive recognition in subsequent issues of the Leaky Bugle. The following are suggested membership levels, but the UCBAA is eager to accept your contribution at any level!
  • $100
  • 10 Directors = The service of our fabulous UCCB conductors for the summer 
  • Do you miss the thrill of performing? UCBAA members have a reserved seat to perform in the UC Community Band each summer. Directors guarantee a first-class conductor to lead a damn good’ group!
  • $75
  • 6 Drum Majors = 15 fellow Alumni provided with the Leaky Bugle
  • Drum Majors help ensure our beautiful new magazine-style Leaky Bugles reach the masses, providing printed copies full of upbeat notes exclusively for UCBAA members.
  • $50
  • 7 Section Leaders = Music updates for the whole year!
  • Ever wonder where all of that music comes from each Homecoming? With your contribution at the Section Leader level, the UCBAA can purchase sheet music, assemble flip folders and provide needed sheet music updates.
  • $25
  • 5 Squad Leaders = Alumni Band instrument maintenance
  • Did you notice your instrument shined a bit brighter this past Homecoming? That's because instruments were taken apart, scrubbed, snaked, shined and painted for optimum performance. Squad Leaders ensure proper care of marching instruments for alumni each year.